The project

It is snowing outside! Big beautiful snowflakes. Unfortunately, their grandeur ends as soon as they hit the pavement and melt into drops of water. I bet the kids are having a ball at school. But it doesn't look like today will be a snow day.

I have a question. Have you ever had a "project", a person who you just knew you could help (read fix)? I know we are all guilty of this at sometime in our life. It may not always be intentional.

I just realized that I am someone's project! How could that be? I am the "smart one", the "responsible one", the "over acheiver". I make project out of others :).


Put on a coat!

This morning I found proof of the old wives' tale "a coat is something a mother puts on a child when she is cold". NPR has a story : Why kids don't wear coats that validates the fact that cold does not cause colds, a virus causes the colds. Still doesn't make me feel any better when my 12 yr old goes to school in 40 degree weather in shorts and 2 tshirts. Nor does it create motivation to cover up those mid-drift tops on pre-teens (and yes, maybe if I had a flat tummy like that I might let it hang out too). I find it funny how my opinion has changed regarding that now that I have a pubecent boy. When my daughter was in middle school, I defended all those cute little girls in their grown up clothes. "They don't mean to dress that way" Now, well this leopard has changed her spots. Guess I finally realized just how visual boys are.