I am not perfect, surprised? I covet lots of things, despite what those pesky 10 commandments say, I covet. What does this have to do with the picture above? I'll tell you... I covet my sister's eyes, her ability to look through a piece of glass and make magic. I like to think that I can take a picture -- but nothing comes out as cool as She-Ra's. She just sent us a few shots of her weekend in Baltimore and this picture of Nonie and the penguin is magic. I am in awe.

Love you She-Ra!


Substitute teacher Post 3

All credit due to the author of Close to Home, who I assume MUST have been a substitute teacher in a past life.


Danny Boy

Danny Boy II

This little one and half minute clip could help shed some light on the Joyce household in the 70's...(maybe early 80's?) What says Farkle Family more than the muppets, irish music sung through sentimental tears?

OK, I guess you will have to throw in a little $1.98 Beauty Pagent and The Gong Show add a chicken pot pie, some candy corn and a half hour long conversation about the toupe that must be on Mork's chest, and then you will understand us.

Plus I love Beaker's red hair in this clip!!