Cupcake flop AGAIN

Cupcake version 2! I think I may quit baking all together!

After obsessing for half the day -- I remembered that I forgot to add water to the cake mix. The worst part was watching C almost fall on the floor in Target when she realized that I had messed up "box cupcakes" this time. She'll get hers someday...


4th of July

We were planning a small trip to visit my sister in the DC area ('sup She-RA?) and we were discussing dates. Hubby wanted to leave on the 4th. Who leaves on a holiday? When I complained (OK whined) and said it was my favorite day of the year, he said "Since when?"

19 years of marriage....

For the record, my favorite holiday is July 4th! Food, fun, family and fireworks! THis is how to celebrate the 4th, on the golf course, next to friends and a boatload of kids (as it should be!)

I am NOT Martha!

This is what Martha's strawberry cupcakes really look like when you bake them. I swear baking is a gift...that I have not been given. But the worst part, I ate them anyway!


Last night C & I went to see Rooney! They were great--IMO much better live than on CD, and they were very cute. The best part was watching C with a real smile on her face! She has loved them forever. I like being at a concert in a small venue-- much more intimate and you really feel part of the show. It brought back many memories of my youth, when I was cool and knew those up and coming bands (cough R.E.M.) before any of my college friends did. See I couldn't go to concerts in HS because my mom thought there were "free drugs" all over... Speaking of "moms", I did feel a little out of place. I think, I know, that I was one of 3 people over 30. I swear, after the encore, that Robert Carmine said "Hi mom" to me-- This could be good or bad. Good -- hey I was noticed... Bad, hey I'm not 17 anymore and it is quite obvious...

Here is a shot of C with the band in the background, look closely and you can see Robert Carmine's cuteness right behind her!