blog diet

Ha!  Fooled you didn't I. 

Bet you thought this would be about losing weight.  Ya right, that's NUMBER 21 on the list of things I was supposed to do over the summer that I HAVE NOT DONE!  I have to admit, it was an industrious list.

But stopping by Camicakes was on my list of things to do. A very nice mom brought some in to school last Fall and I have been dreaming of cupcakes all summer.

Of course, ever since I discovered that the best present eva to give a college girl was a cupcake token I have had THE CRAVING.  My college girl prefers these.... and I have to admit they look yummy.  So yesterday, realizing that we only had a few days of summer left-- we made the trek ITP (for those non-Atlantans that's inside the perimeter ) for yummy goodness. 

The cupcakes were good-- not amazing, but good.  But was amazing was the hour-long car ride there and back.  I've got a pretty amazing kid.  It's nice to know her as an adult.  :-)