What? Me Worry?

Pirates (real ones baby), recession, unemployment, shitty 401K's, child abduction attempts, other people's perception of you, bad habits ... thought about any of these things lately?


Me? Um, yea.

You see, I really don't need any assistance when it comes to the worry department. I got it covered. You guys can go have a break and watch some Desperate Housewives of Atlanta for fun. I have your and my worries covered in such a way that people in a 5 mile radius shouldn't ever have to worry because I have done it for them.

Now, don't send me any advice suggesting the latest pharmacological break through. I don't need that. My worries and I are completely comfortable. We have a good working relationship. We feed each other. To quote Martha, "It's a good thing."

I would like to think that worries are the Ever-Ready Battery powering my inner bunny. I will always have a band-aid, flashlight, emergency window breaker (thanks Sheilah--great Christmas gift). I will always run through a conversation for most scenarios that YOU haven't even thought of (crazy bag lady? door to door salesman gone nuts?) I will always be the one to say a quick prayer when I hear sirens. A quick prayer when I hear a temper tantrum in the store just in case it's more than your average run-of-the-mill temper tantrum. I like to think I will always be ready with extra snacks in the car, coats, hats...OK so the state of the "mother-ship" leaves a lot to be desired-- but I am READY!

My worries keep my prayer life rich. They do not define me or control me. They allow me to think of other people if just for a moment. They keep me on my toes, close to God and looking forward. That can't be that bad...


weekend recap

See how good I am at follow through? NaBloPoMo attempt...unsuccessful. But maybe I can post for the rest of the month. After my dead bird post I suffered a little writer's block.

I heard from my good friend that fun was to be had at the 25th reunion. I am sorry I missed it. But now that I am working, I feel bad leaving the little guys with a sitter 2 nights in a row. Besides, if I had gone, I would never bonded with my boys over that "bird saver" (don't think they will order chicken nuggets there ever again!)

One of us was wise...my sister went to her 20th reunion and totally rocked her evening. I hear it was a wild party that went on til 2 am. Sounds like 5 years make all the difference in stamina... She looked totally amazing, and everyone noticed.

Like they should have a long time ago.


Bye Bye Birdie

Tonight the little boys and I went to a local, old, fairly famous burger joint. While eating we happened to notice that a poor dove had come to an early demise and was laying on the sidewalk/outdoor eating area right outside our table. I got up and found the manager and explained that there was dead bird outside. Good man that he was, he went right outside, looked at the bird and then at us....bent down...picked it up... EW!!! looked at it again .... and walked around the corner... He was out of our sight line for a moment and then he came into the restaurant.

The boys were curious as to where the bird was and disgusted that he had actually touched it. As he came back in they were chanting, "please wash your hands, please wash your hands". Mind you, this is coming from 2 young men who sometimes usually have to be begged to bathe. We waited anxiously and watched the bathrooms...and NOTHING. This sent them into fits of giggles and gross jokes.

As we left the restaurant, the boys snatched a quick look at our brave manager. There he was, sitting in his office, surfing the net.

We were still curious. What could he have done with the bird? Trashcan? Dumpster?


He placed it carefully on the news stand right by the main entrance door. Can't wait to get my Sunday paper!


NaBloPoMo part 4...
My mediocrity continues.

I have some great stuff somewhere in the creative corners of my brain. I just can't seem to connect with it. So rather than have a whine-fest, bore you with yet another flashback to high school or talk about politics, I thought I'd post a cute picture instead.

As I sit here listening to the end of ER and the start of the local news, I can't help but wonder why teaser-lead story on has been "the run on guns.." To quote (thank you TIVO), "sales have well, shot up. As they do during times of economic crisis, customers have been loading up on handguns."
Excuse me?
OK, I understand, some may think that the assault rifle ban may be reinstated with a democrat in the White House-- and they may think, "Get 'em now why you can." Tonight's broadcast did concede that there was "...no official word on that from the Democratic party". Instead, broadcasters took an economic slant, saying that as small businesses fail in a poor economy, crime will go up.

[and guns are the answer..?]

There you go, politics... crap.

And my friends who I see because I want to see :) mentioned that reunion again.


multi-tasked to emptiness

As my promise to blog everyday, here I am. I can't get creative, I can't get thoughtful. My brain is mush. I spent most of my available post-9 pm synapses IM'ing a friend, discussing whether today's generation is really more literate and able to multi-task better that we can. Facebooking, IM'ing and actually trying to put an intellectual thought together has left me...empty for the present moment.

I am thankful that I learned to type without looking... makes watching basketball (Hawks v. Hornets) much easier. I am sorry that I was such a snot in high school when I refused to take typing "because I would never have a job where I would just type!" I was a joy you know. That and the fact that I told a teacher once that he only married his wife from Russia because an American would never be barefoot and pregnant like he wanted. Had to eat crow at my 20th reunion (he was there!) when I had the privilege of telling him what I had been doing for the last 15 years...

I guess this upcoming 25th still has me traveling down memory lane. Sorry.

But I'm not empty anymore.


A quarter of a century...wow

This Saturday is my 25th high school reunion. I don't think I am going to go. If you are as old as me, have you been to yours?

I did go to my 20th. It was fun, well planned (thanks Krissy!) but... I spent most of the night talking with people who never talked to me (or I to them) in high school. Good to see that we have all matured. The people I would have liked to see again didn't come. The people I really want to see, I see.

It's not that I want to hide. Part of me would love to pull a Romy and Michelle...show up and convince everyone that I invented post-its. Don't all high school reunions turn out the same? The jocks are now fat and bald; the geeks are now rich, still geeky; the fast girls are still fast yet wrinkled.

I hear your gears moving, that brain churning...where, responsible one, does that leave you?

Still thinking about your reunion? Check out this post at Reel Life Wisdom some great movie quotes about reunions.

Tired of the arguing? Tired of politics?

I love Boston Legal, and this clip is just too funny. Politics and friends... please watch, and giggle a little.



OK, I have committed myself --3 days late to blog each day this month as part of NaBloPoMo wanna join me?
We'll see how long this lasts....

Right now, I am going to sit down and watch the John Adams mini-series and remind myself again what a great country this is, and what great roots we have. To remind myself, as I tire of OPINIONS--left and right, never ending political phone calls and commercials, CONSTANT debates... that this country is GREAT because of the men and women that had the courage to make a stand.

Stay tuned to hear me wax poetically about my love of history, particularly US history. I imagine I'll come back whining about my need to reconnect to my 20 year old intellectual self. She whose only concern was reading, writing papers, drinking some beer and hanging out with friends.