NaBloPoMo part 4...
My mediocrity continues.

I have some great stuff somewhere in the creative corners of my brain. I just can't seem to connect with it. So rather than have a whine-fest, bore you with yet another flashback to high school or talk about politics, I thought I'd post a cute picture instead.

As I sit here listening to the end of ER and the start of the local news, I can't help but wonder why teaser-lead story on has been "the run on guns.." To quote (thank you TIVO), "sales have well, shot up. As they do during times of economic crisis, customers have been loading up on handguns."
Excuse me?
OK, I understand, some may think that the assault rifle ban may be reinstated with a democrat in the White House-- and they may think, "Get 'em now why you can." Tonight's broadcast did concede that there was "...no official word on that from the Democratic party". Instead, broadcasters took an economic slant, saying that as small businesses fail in a poor economy, crime will go up.

[and guns are the answer..?]

There you go, politics... crap.

And my friends who I see because I want to see :) mentioned that reunion again.

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Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

Who on earth does anyone NEED an assault rifle? This is what I thought as I saw the news tonight. I have heard some people say they might get a gun to protect their home cuz of the economy goes bad, people get desperate, crime goes up theory.