Bye Bye Birdie

Tonight the little boys and I went to a local, old, fairly famous burger joint. While eating we happened to notice that a poor dove had come to an early demise and was laying on the sidewalk/outdoor eating area right outside our table. I got up and found the manager and explained that there was dead bird outside. Good man that he was, he went right outside, looked at the bird and then at us....bent down...picked it up... EW!!! looked at it again .... and walked around the corner... He was out of our sight line for a moment and then he came into the restaurant.

The boys were curious as to where the bird was and disgusted that he had actually touched it. As he came back in they were chanting, "please wash your hands, please wash your hands". Mind you, this is coming from 2 young men who sometimes usually have to be begged to bathe. We waited anxiously and watched the bathrooms...and NOTHING. This sent them into fits of giggles and gross jokes.

As we left the restaurant, the boys snatched a quick look at our brave manager. There he was, sitting in his office, surfing the net.

We were still curious. What could he have done with the bird? Trashcan? Dumpster?


He placed it carefully on the news stand right by the main entrance door. Can't wait to get my Sunday paper!


Sara said...


Remind me to tell you about the dead squirrel at the library.

Meghan said...

are you serious??? aren't you glad you have a camera phone?? People are so gross!!