The Sure Thing

OK, so C and I have started a little "thing" this year. We are stuck on Gilmore Girls re-runs. Sappy and sad I know. Our last bonding experience before college. One thing we have taken from the show is that mom and daughter bond with classic movies. That got us talking, we should watch all the classic movies together before the fall. But we realized we aren't interested in those old black and white things. When her grandmother lived with us she tried encouraging C to watch the "classics", until one night we realized that technically,Breakfast Club is a classic-- 1984 right? That makes it 24 years OLD (OK, get off the floor).

So we are on a quest to watch the "NEW CLASSICS" before August. This is where I need your help. I know SOMEONE reads this thing, I have a counter and I don't check my own blog 318 times (well...) If you read this, please leave a comment with a list of classic movies we need to see. What bit of culture would you send out with this young lady about to embark on her own adventures?

NUMBER ONE in my book is above. John Cusak at his best -- Daphne Zuniga at her repressed best... THE SURE THING.


Tall dark and handsome

Look at the two pictures above, one is a rowing face, one is a football face. Which one makes you smile? Of course he is devistatingly handsome, tall and dark. Yes, I know, still waters run deep.

So when someone has put ALOT of time into one sport, practiced hard and got dirty every game suddenly says he doesn't think he wants to play anymore, what does a mom do? Why quit? Not necessarily because he doesn't like it anymore, just that he doesn't think he'll get in there enough, that he won't be good anymore. I want to encourage a strong work ethic. A "don't let the assholes get you down" mindset. A "give it your all and then some more". But then I look at that face and I see a smile -- sometimes rare in this almost 15 year old. A smile that despite getting up at 5am, sitting outside in 46* and rain -- wearing next to nothing (is spandex substantial?)and working his ass off is still there.

Even with the cheerleaders, there weren't a lot of smiles in football.


What a babe!

So it's senior week at school right? Dress up in themes? How about 80's day? So this morning I was up teaching a child of the new millenium how to get big 80's hair, which is so unnatural to these chicks.
"Just bend over, spray the underside of your hair, scrunch it, and flip," I was amazed at how quickly it all came back to me. Voila! She comes up with a pyramid for hair. "How did you guys live like this?" she asked me indignantly. As if there was something WRONG with increasing the volume of one's head by 150%. I am just sorry that she didn't have bangs so that I could show her how the New Orleans girls were able to add 4" to their height...

So, the hair lesson is over and I think she looks quite cute. I may have worn this exact out fit to Cukos or Shannahans (tho I
personally would have gone with a pointy-toed flat...)I send her to school, quite happy that my offspring can look cute in 2 different decades.

[Cue Sponge Bob music...] ONE HOUR LATER....

The phone rings.
"I am in the AP's office, I've been sent in here because I violated dress code -- my skirt is too short, are you mad?"

I, of course can't hear that last part because of a loud guffaw I that I realize is coming from me! I can't stop laughing. "Really? Are you kidding me? Too short, are you sure your legs aren't too green?"

"MOM, stop, everyone can hear you -- will you bring me pants?"

So for the 1st time in 4 years I head off to bail my daughter out of the AP's office (who by the way in her own geeky power actually asked Officer P if that was where the AP teacher's offices were) I guess if you are going to get senioritis, this is the way to go, in a ROCKIN mini skirt.

Of course we won't go where everyone expects this to go to, that with all the drugs, sex and rock and roll in today's schools, the real issue of safety is if the boys will be attracted by C's too short skirt and Jolly Green Giant legs... but I will leave those politcal posts to other people.

I completely forgot theBESTpart of 80's day!!

Too cool for school, rockin in a Pretty Perky Pat original --



Praise God! My nephew is out of his 3rd open heart surgery, is in post-op, and things look like they went well. God bless him. He has several congenital defects that have been repaired, patched and added over his 17 years. He has had cardiac cath procedures one after another. He is a trooper! I sent him a prayer blanket that I have been working on for a while. I know, 17 year old boys aren't always into such things, but it was the closest we could get to a hug for him. Yesterday my BIL called to thank me and to fill me in on the upcoming surgery. He said Austin was calm and ready for the day. In fact, he was going to take a nice leisurely Sunday afternoon nap and his dad asked him what blanket he wanted to curl up with -- sweetheart that he is picked a soft cuddly one and said-- let's save the prayer one for when I really need it.
We love you Austin!