Tall dark and handsome

Look at the two pictures above, one is a rowing face, one is a football face. Which one makes you smile? Of course he is devistatingly handsome, tall and dark. Yes, I know, still waters run deep.

So when someone has put ALOT of time into one sport, practiced hard and got dirty every game suddenly says he doesn't think he wants to play anymore, what does a mom do? Why quit? Not necessarily because he doesn't like it anymore, just that he doesn't think he'll get in there enough, that he won't be good anymore. I want to encourage a strong work ethic. A "don't let the assholes get you down" mindset. A "give it your all and then some more". But then I look at that face and I see a smile -- sometimes rare in this almost 15 year old. A smile that despite getting up at 5am, sitting outside in 46* and rain -- wearing next to nothing (is spandex substantial?)and working his ass off is still there.

Even with the cheerleaders, there weren't a lot of smiles in football.

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