The Sure Thing

OK, so C and I have started a little "thing" this year. We are stuck on Gilmore Girls re-runs. Sappy and sad I know. Our last bonding experience before college. One thing we have taken from the show is that mom and daughter bond with classic movies. That got us talking, we should watch all the classic movies together before the fall. But we realized we aren't interested in those old black and white things. When her grandmother lived with us she tried encouraging C to watch the "classics", until one night we realized that technically,Breakfast Club is a classic-- 1984 right? That makes it 24 years OLD (OK, get off the floor).

So we are on a quest to watch the "NEW CLASSICS" before August. This is where I need your help. I know SOMEONE reads this thing, I have a counter and I don't check my own blog 318 times (well...) If you read this, please leave a comment with a list of classic movies we need to see. What bit of culture would you send out with this young lady about to embark on her own adventures?

NUMBER ONE in my book is above. John Cusak at his best -- Daphne Zuniga at her repressed best... THE SURE THING.


Bridget said...

oh dear. This could be a long list and many are movies Shee-rah and I watched over and over again.

The never ending story
Grease II
Swiss Family Robinson
Adventures in Babysitting
Better off Dead
Can't buy me Love
The Dark Crystal
Trading Places
The right stuff
say anything
some kind of wonderful
Weird Science
the jerk

Colleen said...

Oh so many good ones to choose from....you two could be watching movies 24/7 until August. Here are a few more:

When Harry Met Sally
Top Gun
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Raising Arizona
Valley Girls
The Big Chill
A Fish Called Wanda
Broadcast News
Ferris Buellers Day Off
Stand By Me
Pretty in Pink
Dead Poets Society

So little time. Call when the popcorn is ready

sheeraj said...

The Paper
Who's The Man
Rock and Roll High School
The Karate Kid
The girls got the rest

Sara said...

a must see: A Man for All Seasons*
Henry and June (early J.Depp)
Rear Window
Hamlet w/Mel Gibson*
Babette's Feast
* means I have it