On the eve of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and one day into this historic presidency. I want to share this.

That's it.



My laptop is back! Yay! New power cords make all the difference in the world when you have a battery that is crap -- and a battery that keeps a charge for 10 minutes is exactly that, crap.

Thank your for your prayers. My sister-in-law is reconnecting with the fight inside her. This will be a hard fought battle fought with determination and with a LOT of help from her prayer warriors, and I don't use that term loosely. I don't mean to make this look like I am taking this lightly-- I just can't seem to write about it-- cathartic writing-- my ass...

Tomorrow I will start my new year -- another attempt at my own personal NaBloPoMo...I have been such a slacker -- I was actually approved for bloggher ads and never got off my butt and sent in the paper work. Why, this never-read bag of words might actually buy me a cup of coffee every few months...if I actually got some motivation.

Keep praying -- for everyone devastated by illness and fear.



Blogging is kind of a weird concept. I always looked at it as a way to keep the brain cells synapsing, the creative juices flowing. For some people it is an on-line diary, for others it is a whine-fest, a bitch-fest or even a prayer-fest. I don't know exactly where I fall in those lines.

I want to write about silly things tonight. About the silly reasons I still love NOLA, about crazy Christmas tales, my love for really stupid sit-coms or despite this stupid drought-- I am tired of rain.

Everytime I push myself to the benign I end up facing the one thing I don't want to.

My sister-in-law is in a hospital, she and her husband and children are devastated by the diagnosis of cancer. How can I write silly things?