Split personality?

When I was young we moved fairly frequently, more than most. No, it was not disfunctional family, witness protection or military life. It was the "corporate climb". We actually only moved to 4 different cities in 12 years but we would change schools in each city. Move, no room in the Catholic school-- go to the local public school, get into Catholic school and then move (my count is 7 schools K-8). It didn't bother me a bit, I loved the change and being able to reinvent myself. Here is a classic example. One half of fourth grade in Kansas City- tomboy, mom busy with younger siblings, me not caring about brushing my hair, who knows? Second half of fourth grade in Farmington Hills, different girl? Does it look like a split personality to you?



Just got home from the "warehouse club" with three of the four. FUN!

I have been lurking around the internet for a while reading other "mommy blogs" and watching the arguments rise around silly things. Is being a SAHM hard or not? Can you feed kids healthy food on a limited budget? One thing I have tried to keep as my personal motto, yet is the hardest to actually follow is "Judge not, lest ye be judged".

Can you feed kids healthy food on a LIMITED budget? Sure, but don't talk about "the correct way" to feed teenagers until there is actually one living in your house! There is a big difference between making a 6 year old or a growing 6'2" teenage boy eat something. Though, for the record I have found teenagers will eat practically anything...

Do I think that being a SAHM is a hard job? NO. Do you want to know why? Because it is not a JOB, it's a vocation. If you look at it as a "job" YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. Last time I checked I did not get paid vacation, a raise, performance bonuses, travel expenses. I cannot quit because I am bored, not challenged or something better has come along. You can do that with a job. I AM a mom. But I will never "be" my job.


Motley Krewe

What a Motley Krewe!

Let's try this again

Ah summer, time to relax hang out, clean the attic? What? I had so many plans for the summer. Actually take the time to write, to read and I have done nothing. Oh well, as my favorite internet guru/fairy (Flylady)says, "You are not behind, jump in where you are!" So, here I am, again...

This week I have done 3 things that I have been putting off and off and off! What a wonderful feeling, now I only have 27 more to go.... :) It's a slow start. Anyone want to scrape popcorn ceilings with me? Waterproof a basemement? Paint basement paneling? Refinish my deck? These are all projects that I have begun and neglected to finish. You think with 2 teens and a tween in the house I would have all kinds of free labor, right? HAHA HAHA! Check again!

Well, I must run, the tree guys are coming to take down a near dead pine at the end of my driveway. I keep thinking that I could save $500 and do it myself-- somehow-- but I am not too good with sharp instruments (or trees and bushes for that matter :))