weekend recap

See how good I am at follow through? NaBloPoMo attempt...unsuccessful. But maybe I can post for the rest of the month. After my dead bird post I suffered a little writer's block.

I heard from my good friend that fun was to be had at the 25th reunion. I am sorry I missed it. But now that I am working, I feel bad leaving the little guys with a sitter 2 nights in a row. Besides, if I had gone, I would never bonded with my boys over that "bird saver" (don't think they will order chicken nuggets there ever again!)

One of us was wise...my sister went to her 20th reunion and totally rocked her evening. I hear it was a wild party that went on til 2 am. Sounds like 5 years make all the difference in stamina... She looked totally amazing, and everyone noticed.

Like they should have a long time ago.


Colleen said...

I love you very much. Thanks for being my sis and my friend

Sara said...

You should have gone to your reunion!

Love the daily (not) blogging. ;-)

Sara said...

Miss you and so funny about the boys and the bird, love, ss