What? Me Worry?

Pirates (real ones baby), recession, unemployment, shitty 401K's, child abduction attempts, other people's perception of you, bad habits ... thought about any of these things lately?


Me? Um, yea.

You see, I really don't need any assistance when it comes to the worry department. I got it covered. You guys can go have a break and watch some Desperate Housewives of Atlanta for fun. I have your and my worries covered in such a way that people in a 5 mile radius shouldn't ever have to worry because I have done it for them.

Now, don't send me any advice suggesting the latest pharmacological break through. I don't need that. My worries and I are completely comfortable. We have a good working relationship. We feed each other. To quote Martha, "It's a good thing."

I would like to think that worries are the Ever-Ready Battery powering my inner bunny. I will always have a band-aid, flashlight, emergency window breaker (thanks Sheilah--great Christmas gift). I will always run through a conversation for most scenarios that YOU haven't even thought of (crazy bag lady? door to door salesman gone nuts?) I will always be the one to say a quick prayer when I hear sirens. A quick prayer when I hear a temper tantrum in the store just in case it's more than your average run-of-the-mill temper tantrum. I like to think I will always be ready with extra snacks in the car, coats, hats...OK so the state of the "mother-ship" leaves a lot to be desired-- but I am READY!

My worries keep my prayer life rich. They do not define me or control me. They allow me to think of other people if just for a moment. They keep me on my toes, close to God and looking forward. That can't be that bad...

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