multi-tasked to emptiness

As my promise to blog everyday, here I am. I can't get creative, I can't get thoughtful. My brain is mush. I spent most of my available post-9 pm synapses IM'ing a friend, discussing whether today's generation is really more literate and able to multi-task better that we can. Facebooking, IM'ing and actually trying to put an intellectual thought together has left me...empty for the present moment.

I am thankful that I learned to type without looking... makes watching basketball (Hawks v. Hornets) much easier. I am sorry that I was such a snot in high school when I refused to take typing "because I would never have a job where I would just type!" I was a joy you know. That and the fact that I told a teacher once that he only married his wife from Russia because an American would never be barefoot and pregnant like he wanted. Had to eat crow at my 20th reunion (he was there!) when I had the privilege of telling him what I had been doing for the last 15 years...

I guess this upcoming 25th still has me traveling down memory lane. Sorry.

But I'm not empty anymore.

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