A quarter of a century...wow

This Saturday is my 25th high school reunion. I don't think I am going to go. If you are as old as me, have you been to yours?

I did go to my 20th. It was fun, well planned (thanks Krissy!) but... I spent most of the night talking with people who never talked to me (or I to them) in high school. Good to see that we have all matured. The people I would have liked to see again didn't come. The people I really want to see, I see.

It's not that I want to hide. Part of me would love to pull a Romy and Michelle...show up and convince everyone that I invented post-its. Don't all high school reunions turn out the same? The jocks are now fat and bald; the geeks are now rich, still geeky; the fast girls are still fast yet wrinkled.

I hear your gears moving, that brain churning...where, responsible one, does that leave you?

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Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

I went and had a good time. Alot of my close friends weren't there....but it was fun. My favorite quote was this nice guy who said "the people who were A-holes in high school, are still A-holes".....apparently I wasn't an A hole or he wouldn't have said that to me....or would he?