Mothering 101

Ok, so I said I was going to clean out the pantry because it is full of shit. I was also going to "free myself" by getting rid of all those old cookbooks that were supposed to make my life perfect but instead cause crap to fall out of the pantry when you open the door. It might help if we did didn't have duplicates of things and things we "can't throw away because we might need them". Notice, this is me POST FlyLady... I need to learn more patience because I am not perfect. Though, it would be nice if the stuff that was falling out was stuff that I actually bought... but I won't go there today. THREE HOURS LATER I have chased a butterfly into my computer and tried to link this cute (but worth 3 hours??) cartoon to this new BLOG. Rhett's response to my newfound knowledge... "It's just going to suck more of your time away..." The wise words of a fellow butterfly hunter. We'll see if you can actually see this wonderful cartoon. Meanwhile, my pantry is still spilling out onto the kitchen floor and I haven't even run a brush through my hair since my shower at 9:00! That's one way to get curls in your hair...

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