My hubby did the sweetest thing for me. Above is my Valentine's gift. Now normally I am the type of woman who eschews this holiday -- maybe because of traumatic high school years -- but I am usually the non-romantic person who says, "Don't spend money on flowers because they are just going to die." I know, that's horrible and my kids will probably spend years in therapy recovering from such a pragmatic mom. But this morning my hubby gave me this adorable charm... a replica of a water meter cover from N.O. Why do I love it so? Because he notice me admiring it at Thanksgiving when his aunt got one for her birthday and he remembered. It is that thoughtfulness that means so much to me. I never asked for it -- but I loved it. It is part of a city that we both love so much, a city where we met and fell in love, a city that he loved and left to be with me. What more can a girl ask for?
I also have a secondary memory about sewer/water meter covers. When C was little 3 or 4 she was a precocious thing, very wise beyond her years and quite self-confident. Back then when we only had 2 kids and lived on a quite street we used to go for walks every night after dinner. These walks would take quite a long time because everytime we passed a sewer cover she would have to stop and do an song and dance routine on it. She really believed that these were little stages placed along the road for her to perform. And since she was the oldest and S was safely strapped in his stroller, we indulged her night after night. I am glad that we did take the time for that because she grew out of that stage quickly and for a long time she avoided the spotlight. The show girl we thought she might be was in hiding -- this became the chick who RAN off the stage after finishing her part in a student recital. Well, it looks like "little miss" may be raising her head -- and is hitting the HS Battle of the Bands with group of guys --- playing mostly Dave Matthews covers -- but still playing ... on stage... with a pick-up on her violin .... :) will wonders never cease.

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Rachel said...

I tagged you. Go to my blog to see what it is. It's a book meme...right up your alley.
I never knew about C and her tap dancing. That is adorable. Did her band get into the Pisgah thing after all? If so, COOL.

Luv, Me