OK, so yesterday was essentially a day off. I stayed downtown and messed around on my computer. Did some research, typed some minutes from one of the too many commitments I have this year (we'll save that for another day...). I was SO looking forward to having the morning at home, no kids, no meetings, nothing to do but MARATHON clean my slowly degrading home. Sounds exciting doesn't it? But alas, I look at the clock and it is 10:45. The kids will be home at 11:30 (early release day!!) and what do I have to show for the past almost 5 hours I have been awake? Did I shower (no, why I did that yesterday-ugh), did I unload the dishwasher, call a roofer to check out my shingless roof, make a bed or change any sheets, clean the cat box, vacuum the myriad crumbs ground into the carpet??? WHY NO! Let's see, I now have a really cool new header on my blog, I have read several others, actually commented on one and it disappeared -- somehow--- and started to climb the mountain of grunge with one hill in the wash, one in the dryer one folded and a monster of a pile upstairs that I am afraid is going to eat one of the kids....

So much for productivity. I think I really might be more productive when I have too much on my plate-- there is no time to think-- just move from one thing to the next and throw a load in in-between. Ever feel that way? I don't know what to do with free time anymore.

I have unplugged the tv during the day. Thanks to SIRIUS and Spectrum I rock out all day happily dancing to Jack Johnson, REM and Mike Doughty's "27 Jennifers". Hey children of the 70's -- how many Jennifers did YOU know?

OK, now I have to RUN through the grocery store --

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