Rarely do I rant on about a movie, but I have to suggest a good one.

My sister told me to watch it, that it was really good. I said sure.... and then a week later she called me, "Did you watch it? OMG what did you think?" I then had to admit that I hadn't but that I would. 2 days later there was another call, "Well?" Embarassingly, no.... I was busy. She called another 2 times-even tho we are the most movie obsessed family I think there is, this seemed a bit much.

But it was IRISH... it was about MUSIC... it was GOOD... So, I finally watched it -- And she was right! Hear that She-Ra YOU were right! (I don't have the best track record in the family with admitting that I am not the only person who is right) I loved it! Please see it! It is the best. It is also nominated for an Oscar for best song.

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