The end

Well, as of 9:00 tonight, one chapter of Claire's life is over. High school orchestra is done. I will share some of the great shots I got of her and her girlies (with my new camera!) I'll have to blog later about "the end -- and the beginning" for Claire, right now I just want to say how proud I am of both my Centennial Orchestra kids, they played beautifully. One was just too quick to get out of that tux!!

I have to say, I just love this shot. One of my best friends said before R and I got married, "...at least we know you'll have good looking kids." And if I don't mind saying so myself, Mama D was right. We shook the gene pool and came out with some pretty cute ones.

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Sara said...

Truly the end of an era -- what a blessing! I am really enjoying my visit "here" at your blog this late afternoon. Absolutely love all the photos...love in Love, SS