Happy Birthday

How does it go so fast? Look at this chubby goodness, happily hanging out at the beach eating his pretzels, enjoying the shade, most likely he is the youngest child at this point (OK so sue me, I can't tell if he is 2 or 3 here...)

And today he is 15! Talk about time flying by. He and dad compared heighth the other night and he has finally surpassed his daddy -- more importantly, daddy admitted it this time. Poor Sean has had some ups and downs for birthdays. Most of his favorite movies have had their grand opening on his birthday weekend (Star Wars IV was the biggest event eva!) Then he spent more than one with strep throat. Happily ,we yanked those tonsils out. His 9th birthday was spent "not scratching" the chicken pox. For 14 and 15 his dad had to be out of town. 15 was starting out fairly great. We were headed to Steak-n-Shake with his grandparents for a birthday dinner. Just as we all headed out to the car it started to hail, and as we headed down the road the sky took on an eery yellow glow, so we turned around and headed home. He spent half his night in the basement waiting out a Tornado Warning (thank God just a warning) listening to his big sister tell Mumma all about her accomplishments, her prom times and to his mom and poppy desperately trying to fix a leak in the basement wall. Nothing says happy birthday like a little family togetherness. And, as is usually the case for Sean, who prepares for the worst yet usually finds a good outcome, the night ended happily. A chocolate milkshake, a triple cheeseburger and a hot fudge brownie. So much happy that he didn't have room for my Cake Loveknockoff cake. Ah, but there is always tomorrow!


Robert said...


Amber Alert!!!

You used his real name!!!

LOCK DOWN...LOCK DOWN IN (City Name Withheld)


Happy B-Day Seany!!!

Rachel said...

Tag your it! Go to my blog.