New week

So, since June 7th a lot has happened. What a week we had! I still can't work some of it out in my head, but maybe that is better. I think I do better "putting out fires". I am good at that one, and so is Rhett.

Good news... my sister moved here last week. Yea She-Ra! We are very excited to have her here for the year that her hubby, Rob is in Iraq. Boo War! (I know that sounds so juvenile...give me a break... the brain is mush this week). Rob will be in the Baghdad Embassy for a year. He has promised to do all his running on a treadmill and will never leave the Embassy or his trailer...Please keep him and his family in your prayers. War sucks.

Good news...I have a tentative job offer to teach special ed on a provisional certificate next year. I feel like the dog that caught the school bus. The minute I heard that Rhett lost his job I went into overdrive -- guess it worked. Even though I was working part-time last year, this will be an adjustment for sure. Please keep me in your prayers. Come on, after 4 kids, years of substituting what can they throw at me that would really make me blink??? Other than becoming my friend Rachel's
least favorite profession in the world.. will she still talk to me ? (:))

Good news...Ryan is off a Boy Scout camp and was really excited to be there. No car sickness, no groaning, no tears at all. I could barely get him to stop by and give me a hug before I left. The best part was that it had already been paid for and the only cost to us at the moment was $6 for some water shoes and about $20 so he could buy some snacks etc. Claire is teaching Celtic Camp this week and I am left with only 2 kids for most of the week-- and it is really weird!!!! One of which is STILL SLEEPING....ugh!

Good news...in a tough economy, Rhett has an interview with a firm tomorrow, a possible business venture opportunity and a brother and my best friend on his side when it comes to bringing out the legal pit bulls. Let's hope that some honey works first.

Good news...we are all healthy, last week despite everything else crappy, we celebrated Rhett's birthday, our 20th anniversary and father's day. We have our faith, great friends and family and MOST IMPORTANTLY our sense of humor!!

So there you have it. There is lots of good in the world today.

And if you need a little reminder of some father's day love check out this post . Yesterday I was telling "the fam" about a billboard that I saw that simply said, "Have you been a father today?" and had a picture of a man napping on a sofa with a toddler sleeping on his chest...and my dad teared up. Thank you dad for always being there and willing to show your feelings to the crazy girls in your house and thank you Rhett for being the wonderful man that your are.

Monday, the start of a new week!


Bridget said...

Congrats on the job offer! I think you will be great as a special ed teacher. You might be able to use the HOPE to get re-certified or a masters...... Maggie Defillipos husband did that last year.
:) B

Colleen said...

Awesome. You all are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you very much and I know it will all work out for the best.