Love Thursday

So today is Love Thursday. Here is my brother-in-law and I at Ft. Jackson a week or so before he shipped out to Iraq. Claire and I stopped to see him on our way to Charleston. We ate at Friday's and heard some stories and then had to drop him off in East Buddah before getting on our way. Despite being part of a demonstrative CRHP family, I am still a little repressed in the hug department-- but I am recovering! But I could not let go of Rob, and I was DETERMINED not to cry. This is a major feat for me because I have always cried at everything, including dog food commercials. So I am posting a two-fold Love post. One, that I really do love "Uncle Lobbie" and it hurts to think of the sacrifices he and my sister made for this war. And two, I love them both so much that I am willing to post a HORID picture of myself (OK, so I did try to photoshop out some under eye circles and a fat roll) to prove it. Love you Rob!

Pray for peace in our world, please.


Sara said...

I "stopped by" for a virtual visit. much love, sara

Robert said...

Yep...he's a bona-fide hero...Thanks for your service Rob. Be safe. Hopefully we won't lose our collective minds as a country and put you under the command of *shudders* Obama.

Rachel said...

that's a great shot. we'll be praying for his safe return too!