A night with the girls, a day with a snake

You know, you would think that having family close that we would be doing stuff together all the time. In reality, this is not the case. Monday night however we of the "young generation" were treated to dinner by the two matriarchs. And it was a fun night by all -- all be it an early night (dinner at 6 home by 8:30). I am worried that soon we will be going to the "senior special"-- dinner at 4 and an extra quarter if you want blue cheese dressing....(love me mom...)

The night was filled with raucous laughter, a few snorty laughs, and lots of family humor. Who knew that Irish girls could be so fun - with no alcohol for the majority of us? So we girls from 19-68 shared some laughs, some good natured teasing and a few discussions on the origin of everything. And yes, Bree if you wait til we are all dead to write the tell all book, who will laugh? I say we each write our own version and see how they compare. (Wait, there may be an idea there... think about it)

All morning I have wandered around trying to think of a really good topic to blog about. OK, I did some stuff.** Then I decided that since I am not getting paid to blog, nor am I getting a grade (my two greatest motivators in a past life) then I am just going to sit down and write. If it is boring, then my 5 readers (ah, I mean friends,) will stop.

**Oh, and by saying did some stuff, I did some STUFF! Procrastination Queen here finally tackled the pile of rotted out railroad ties that have been lying at the end of the driveway for A YEAR. I cleared out the old wood, shoveled out the dirt and crap that was there and blew off the driveway. In my attempt at being super mom, I WAS talking on the phone while simultaneously shoveling. In my attempt at being a true southern belle I did not stop said conversation when I discovered a snake coiled up in the wood pile and promptly chopped it into 5 pieces with a shovel. I know that snakes are good and eat bugs and mice, but in my 5 second surveillance of the situation I was positive that the 10" long baby snake had a triangular head. And we all know from Jeff Corwin that that means VENOMOUS. So I pulled a Grandma Joyce and chopped it up. Yea me!

Now, for those of you who don't know me well, please know that this industrious outside landscaping job has come at the expense of anything inside. There are dirty dishes in the sink, a washing machine full of clothes that needs to be tossed in the dryer and large tufts of dog hair that are beginning to resemble ferrets under a breakfront in the kitchen. But tonight when hubby gets home he will notice all the work I did for him --or notice the railroad ties in the middle of the driveway waiting for the boys to drag them to the curb on yard trash pick-up day.

I didn't EVER say I was perfect!


Rachel said...

That is a great picture. I bet that night was a lot of fun. I am still smiling at the thought of you chopping up a snake. :-)

Kalynne Pudner said...

OMG, you're my hero. I live in mortal terror of discovering a snake on our (wooded, adjoining a lake, rural-ish - duh!) property. Then my husband tells me that Alabama has more snakes per square mile than any other state in the nation. THANKS, DEAR. So you can chop them with a shovel, and they don't fling themselves onto you with fangs exposed?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today...glad to have met you! (Oh, and is the sister who never attended an AU football game in that picture? Because I don't see anyone overtly demented there.)