Fashion wars

I found a new contest! The Parent Bloggers Network Blog Blast - Mix 'n Match, Pop 'n Swap - where the Parent Bloggers are giving away a $250 Visa Gift Card and a Polly Pocket Mix'n Match Pop'n Swap just for writing about your kids' crazy wardrobe choices!

I have one girl and three boys. Boys, generally don't put much thought into wardrobe choices. Clean or dirty? Doesn't matter until puberty, when they will occasionally sniff a shirt before pulling it out of a pile and putting it on 5 minutes before the bus comes. I have a son who would wear the same pair of shorts EVERY day if I let him (and NO, it's not part of an official uniform).

Girls are another matter. When I was new to this parenting thing, I was much more controlling about wardrobe choices. One big argument hissy fit my sweetie threw involved wearing a Christmas sweater in May. I remember it vividly. I was actually in tears telling my friend how huge an issue this had become, but dammit darn-it I was NOT going to give in! She wisely reminded me to pick my battles, and what was the worst thing that would happen?

At that moment I came up with a great idea. One that I unfortunately never followed through on. I was going to make a button that read "My child dressed herself today!" That way, I could save face. The outside world wouldn't think I was a bad mother for letting a child [gasp] wear Christmas clothes in the spring or mix plaid and flowers. She couldn't read so her self esteem remained intact. Great idea!

Button or not, that self esteem stuck. Fourteen years later she was willing to walk through the judgemental halls of high school dressed like this. Even if it was 80's day, it took some courage. I agree with my wise friend. Pick your battles, what is the worst thing that could happen? She might end up on project runway.


Cajunchic said...

lol I could write books about the crazy things my kids wear. I let them go out in whatever they chose as long as it is clean. My family gets very upset about this sometimes but I figure it is cultivating their personality and independence so who am I to say anything.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It really helps to know that other people have gone through it and come out on the other side.

georgie said...

oh man...i guess i am a control freak OR my beans have given in to peer pressure? I will go check out the linky...