missing days

Well it is Friday! Yea, means a little bit more to me now that I am working, not much though. I have been called for jury duty next week. I used to like jury duty. It was a quiet day with out kids where I was free to read whatever pleased me. Now it is just a giant pain in the butt. You know last year my kids had almost perfect attendance. Daniel missed 1/2 day!! This year, when I have to get a sub and only get so many sick days...another story. Thanks to my parents and my sweet hubby we have weathered through the "almost" whooping cough (3 days out) and the pneumonia/strep (5 days out). Luckily I have only used 3 sick days, but now I am out again. How to win friends in a new job ---be the one that is never there.

Oh well. I should stop my bitchin because I really like what I do and it helps cover tuition. There are so many people out of work these days (20 more at Rhett's old office -- 20%!!) Basically, I am blessed beyond measure. Let's just hope I don't get picked to serve. Do you think I can look HYPER OPINIONATED?


K.L.M.O. said...

hee hee...check out the link below to find out how to best avoid jury duty! Study up girl!


Lori said...

okay...soooo confused right now...I just posted the above message...what the hell is KLMO???

Bridget said...

how could you leave out your "telling people where to go" at the mall days???

and can't forget that your wedding party ate my goldfish while I was sleeping after your wedding. that's always a goood one.