seeds of faith

The other day I was talking with my friends Sara and Meghan. I was having one of those verbal diarrhea moments where you just talk and talk.... and I realized I had monopolized the entire conversation. Then, gasp, I realized I had wasted a perfectly good blogging topic by [horrors] TALKING to someone. So what did I do? Tell them frustratingly that I was going to have to blog about asparagus instead.

Pretty sad huh? Sad that I really wished I had blogged about it instead and sad that I don't feel like writing about it because I have already ranted about it.

Now, someone may be sitting at the edge of their seat...what could I possibly decide not to rant about anymore? Let's just say it involves a medical professional, an ER, the Knights Templar, James, early church "priestesses", an 800 PAGE manuscript about the problems with the Church...

Most importantly, Ryan received excellent treatment in the emergency room and a great opportunity to speak up for his faith when he pointed out that Paul was first Saul...I was proud.

In the end, the discussion was tabled and said professional ended the lecture conversation out of respect for Ryan's beliefs. (He and I may have gone on for hours.)

You never know when you might plant a seed. My prayer through the whole conversation was just "Jesus, let him hear me, let him forgive those who hurt him and help me keep my cool."

So, no, there is nothing special about asparagus.

And, Ryan is NOT suffering from a highly contagious disease! Yea! He is still suffering from that nasty curse called asthma. The worse thing? IF it had been Pertussis, the worst thing that would have happened is that he would have coughed until he threw up and/or turned blue, passed out and resumed breathing. Cough and turn blue and pass out with asthma? Don't always resume breathing. Shitty thing that asthma. Wonderful thing...drugs and really good respiratory therapists who listen to their patients. Thank God.


Sara said...

If it makes you feel better, it didn't sound like verbal diarrhea. You didn't monopolize the conversation at all!

After I left, I realized there was so much more I wanted to talk to you about and the opportunity was gone. But my boys had to go home and I couldn't stay all night!

T. said...

Gosh, makes me wish I had been part of the conversation...! :)