Head hanging...

I feel like I should play Taps or something. My laptop is dead.
I know... weep, mourn, carry on.

She is the victim of a light saber battle. They won't admit to a direct cause yet... but they reluctantly admitted to watching it crash onto the floor. The fact that there were flashes of light and thumping coming from the family room just prior to my sitting down and discovering that horrid blue screen; or that the room was eerily quiet should have alerted me. Moms of boys, you know that "sound".

Thank goodness I bought an external hard drive and backed up fairly recently. However, all my bookmarks are toast, all my links to my cool mommy bloggers that I never got around to adding to the sidebar--- GONE.

What will I do? Actually, the time I spent on the computer reading blogs and chatting with my electronic friends has been replaced with Facebook. So sad! How did I get here?

Claire and her friend Andrew have delighted in making fun of their parents who "speak in FB status" now. Lame, I know. But now, I have to sit at the desk and WAIT MY TURN for the big computer. Ugh, who wants to do that? I am the mother... I should be able to get on WHENEVER. School? Please. I have Facebooking/e-mailing/blogging to do. So here I sit at 12:30 am trying to squeak out something that resembles an intelligent thought.

Hey, maybe I'll have time for laundry, or *gasp* mopping the kitchen floor.

Yea, right.

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Sara said...

Just say NO to FB!