Quick Take Friday

Seven Quick Takes (Snow Day!!)

Snow day!  I can't tell you how amazing it was to not have to go to work today.  I am afraid that it is way to close to Christmas break and that I am getting to comfortable being home again.  I miss being home.
Summer is just around the corner - I just keep telling myself...
Back to the snow day.  I know that if I had any northern readers you would comment and laugh at how the south immobilizes when it snows.  We have no salt, no gravel, no plows.
So laugh all you want.  Sure we drive like crap in the snow.  You would too.
We are relaxed down here.  Our motto?  We'll just wait until it melts....
I live at the top of a fairly steep hill.  My neighborhood is old and thickly wooded.
Hill + woods+ snow= ICE.
Ice and hills DO NOT MIX.  And I don't care if you are from New Hampshire, Illinois or Timbuktu  you will not navigate this hill safely!  At least that is what I spent the day telling people on the street outside.  I'd say I personally saw 12 cars careen down the hill into the curb, onto the grass, or spin a 360.  the results?  One tire blow out, a few bent rims, lots of burnt rubber.  But the worst?  The run-away trailer that had been pulled by an F-250.  After jack-knifing and blocking the street completely it got away, slid down the hill, banked off the curb and hit a car 5 feet into a driveway (the blown tire car-- crappy day for them).

The worst thing, is that despite several people calling the city to complain-- we got NOTHING... no salt, no gravel, no barricades.   
On a positive note, snow days can be fun!  I reconnected with several neighbors today.  Met a few new ones.  Shared some movies with a few - can you believe there are some people out there who have NEVER seen Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?  We shared some hot chocolate with our mailman who skied down the hill on foot to deliver the mail! We LOVE our mailman!

My sister Sheilah is in Virginia these days.  Yesterday she had mohs surgery on THREE separate spots on her face.  Poor baby.  Amazing woman that she is, she posted a picture of her bandaged face from the car on her way home from the hospital SMILING.  She amazes me, truly.  I sure hope she takes advantage of my mom while she is there- and keeps Perky out of the local thrift shop and away from the cool whip.
It's just peanut-butter cups, some sugar cookies and some cool whip....oh my!

I feel very efficient this winter.  By the end of the winter my wooded back yard might look half way decent.  We have been burning anything and everything from back there.  Well, anything not covered in a hairy vine.  Because we all know that this is POISON IVY, and it can be nasty when burned.  Another thing we southerners just instinctively know. 

Christmas is almost put away.  :(
I think I might leave the snowflakes up indefinitely.
I like them.

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Sara said...

I'm at least leaving my snowflakes up until winter is over. They're not strictly Christmas. If I were you, I'd leave those beautiful flakes up forever, or at least save them for next year!