Presidents Day

Can I just say how much I LOVE this man? He is hysterical and everytime I read anything he writes I laugh. I wish I could write like he does. My daughter's AP Lit teacher had him on their reading list, and the minute I saw that I knew she would love his class. He was used as one of the best examples of narrative in modern literature.

David Sedaris is awesome!

I ran across this book I Capture the Castle at Goodwill the other day (yes I know that you can get books for FREE at the library-- just not me the $1.50 I pay is less than the overdue fines I pay EVERYTIME) I admit I only picked it up because it had a rave review from JK Rowling on the front cover and I thought my daughter would like it. Well, I took it home and it is really wonderful. Written in 1946 by the same author as 101 Dalmations it is another great exmple of beautiful narrative. And it is nice to imagine living in a drafty old English castle!