Lauging and George Lopez

So the boys and I are sitting here trying to decide on what movie to watch. I know it is late, but hey, it's summer. But instead of watching a movie I find myself being forced to watch George Lopez on Nick. Golly, do they love this show. I wish I were 10 again, when silly things like walking garbage makes me roll on the floor in laughter. How long has it been since YOU laughed like that?

What makes you laugh? Here are a few things on MY list:
1. Baby giggles -- or that whole body laugh of a 4 year old
2. Brian Reagan on ANYTHING, but my personal fav -- "Uh, mom, remember Kevin? You know how his arm USED to bend like this?..."
3. Really good comedies like Arrested Development and The Office
4. Inside jokes
5. When my sisters snort-laugh, or even better when Claire makes fun of them for snorting and does it in the process
6. Anything Eddie Izzard does (see this post) Nothing funnier than a man in heels
7. The original production of Bad Cops expertly written, directed, filmed and acted by three big goobers circa 1997
8. The Poppy Dance
9. My hubby -- still... after all these years....

Maybe I'll come up with a few more tomorrow... anyone want to add a few?B

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