The Power of the Jedi, women and COMCAST

OK, so our friend Robert has fully mastered his Jedi powers when it comes to getting good customer service. I seem to lack that ability. Last week I learned that our analog cable plan costs the same as digital cable with a box. So I figured, why not get the box? If I want to get a pay per view movie I can, and that might save some gas money, right? Well, after 4 calls to CS to set up the box, it was set up -- except for a few little quirks. My last CS rep said that I had an old box and they could send a new one to me, or I could go pick one up.

In the effort of creating a paper trail to back up my non-existent Jedi Power, I called again today to complain about the quirky box. The conversation goes as follows:

"Welcome to Comcast. How can I help you?"
"I have a new box and it is very quirky. Could you please reset it from your end?"
"How long have you had it?"
"Only a few days, but it is..."
"Oh I see, You have an outage in your area, why don't you call back when it is working."
"Sir, I don't have an outage in my area, I am looking at my cable right now on 2 tv's one through your box and one analog."
"Well, my system says there is an outage, I am sure that is what is wrong with your box. Please call back."
"Sir, I am looking at cable tv right now."
"Let me check for you.... Hmmm, you do have cable." [DUH!]
"Can you please reset my box, it is very quirky and seems to have a mind of it's own. Either that or I am going to return this one and get a different box."
"You don't want to do that right now, wait a few days, it will get better." [REALLY??]
"Excuse me?"
"Wait a few days, it will get better. That box you have, does it have a clock on the front?"
"You don't want the new box, it doesn't have a clock in the front."
"And, why would I want that?" [I really wanted to know-- some big cable company secret maybe??"
"Because it is easy to see the time. Just wait a few days and it will get better."

OK, correct me if I am wrong, but does electronic equipment "get better" when it is not working properly? When the company gave me an old box to begin with? I would really like to cry sexism here because I KNOW if my friend Robert or my husband had called they would not have been told to keep the old crappy thing because it is easy to tell the time -- or that it would get better in a few days! Am I being just a bit too sensitive? Anybody else come across a situation like this?


Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

That my friend is why we have DirecTV....well that and our bundle discount and the fact I was working for BellSouth when we got all our services and we got a great employee discount.....

You know, your classmate Lyn just moved and has been having issues with her new comcast...it keeps going out, she calls they schedule and appt and miraculously within an hour before they get there it comes back on, they see its ok and just leave.

Its good to know that the CSRs at Comcast are concerned about us being on time for things....now you won't be late to mass if you are watching TV with your clock on the box, you will know when to leave.

Rachel said...

What a load of CRAP! Of course, me being the resident Neocon, one would not expect me to cry "sexism" but, pal, that is so what is going on. You are *not* being too sensitive. Next time ask for the dude's name and if he gets patronizing, tell him you want his supervisor and want to play the recorded conversation back while his boss listens. What a d**k!

"Because it's easy to see the time." Pishaw!

Lyn said...

Hi Kathleen!!!

Did you get the new box???? It solved all of our problems....finally got one after 4 service calls. I also called for and got a 2 week credit on my bill for the lack of service!