this is how you do it--pack for college that is...

Another photo essay, since the last one was so easy was so well received!

Step One: Freak out. Talk on the phone alot. Pretend that you aren't leaving TOMORROW! Give your mom a silly look when she suggests you get off the phone and actually pack something.

Step Two: Create college central in the middle of the living room. Freak out. Tell your mom you have too much stuff yet not enough stuff (Has my fence sitting rubbed off on her?) Remind those detail-oriented, observant friends that the Fisher Price Castle is not going to college with her, it just lives in the living room for some reason.

Step Three: Shove crap your most important possessions into every nook and cranny in Poppy's borrowed car. Who needs a rear view anyway?

Step Four: Despite the rain and crowds of people, get excited that the dude in line in front of you has his priorities straight...the surfboard and bike are ready to go.

Step Five: Did we say not enough stuff? How about too much stuff? Is there a cable connection? OMG, I can't find the cable connection. Wait, there's no TIVO in college? Store the tv under the bed for now...

Step Six: Pose for a picture with brothers, and Johnny. He made it to college too!

Step seven: Kiss everyone goodbye, shed a few tears. Laugh at mom's face trying not to cry. Miss Daniel's sobs because he went around the corner so she wouldn't see. Think the goodbyes are over....everything is OK, then realize she has stuff in the car still. Organize ANOTHER goodbye, this one a little harder. Text her 10 minutes later, she is in the library, on Facebook.

She will be OK.
We will be OK.

I just won't tell her to read this just yet. Very cool Robert...


Sara said...

I was thinking about you this weekend. I'm glad it went okay. She'll probably call or text (too) frequently, like Katie.

I don't think they really "pack"==they just gather it all up and shove it into bags the day of departure and then into the car. It was the same this year. No advance packing. Sigh.

Rachel said...

Oh, I love all the pictures. Very Cool. We will miss her.

Robert said...

Of course she will be OK. It's Daniel and me who aren't ok...focus on the real problem here Kath!!! Sheesh.

Btw...I implanted a small subcutaneos time released pheramone capsule. It's perfectly harmless but will cause a mild and corrective shock to anyone with XY chromosones who tries to go Purple with the POD.

Glad you liked my post :-)