This is not a political blog. I don't have time for that, besides you have to think too much. And remember what I said about Claire being totally B&W -- and me not so B&W? This trait does not suit political bloggers. It is no fun to argue discuss politics with someone who continually says, "I see your point, however..."

Despite my tough exterior I really just want everyone to like me.

Tonight, something hit me the wrong way. It is no secret that I am a happy Catholic. Born, bred and raised that way. Being Catholic is who I am, part of me.
Tonight, I had enough. I had enough of people using prayer and small group e-mail lists to push a political agenda, posting blindly. Hey, if you have that strong of an opinion about something that you want to send it some 250 people, SIGN YOUR NAME! If I feel passionately about something you are damn sure going to know how I feel.

So I did something I don't always do, I replied back -- not reply all-- too passive aggressive for that one. But I called the person on the anonymous nature of post. I should have asked why that particular forum was used. As grandma used to say, "Hindsight is 20/20".

And for the record, for those few people who may feel obligated to comment.
I am PRO-LIFE, all life, from conception to NATURAL DEATH. And unfortunately this basic Christian tenant tenent does not exist in either party.


Bridget said...

well said, kath! i completely agree. didn't even watch the dnc last night.

Rachel said...

You are silly...very silly. People love you no matter what. They love me and I am a total b*tch! :-)

Robert said...

Yeah...she is, I live with her, love her, and agree with her self assessment.

Anonymity is the last bastion of cowards or those who put forth weak arguments and are ill equipped to back them up.

That said, I talked with God just moments ago, and He confirmed that Obama must be stopped. God is particulary cranky with the prospect of Barry accepting his party's nomination by rising upwards into a Greek Temple. I suggested a not so subtle smiting, but God just laughed. If it weren't God, I'd would have said He must of thought I was joking, but being God, He knew I wasn't.

Quite the quandry...

Anyway...folks love you for you, and your political choices cannot change that. Of course those that love you can also challenge those choices without it affecting how they feel.

Oh...I just realized why I made God laugh. I used to tell him that I couldn't imaging disliking any politician's positions more than Hillary....

I have to be careful of not saying the same thing about Barry...I shudder to think who could be worse.

Remember...no crying in baseball...or politics.

God...if your are reading this, please consider my smite suggestion. Just a minor smiting. Heavy Rain and a lightning bolt directed at the greek pillars should suffice. ;-P

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

"tenet" - and no, it doesn't. Single-issue voters like to pretend things are simple, but they aren't. Either person I end up voting for is going to have some principles and traits I approve of, and some I don't.