OK, I know, you are sick of it...

college... big deal heard it all.

politics... BORING... stop talking.

cute kids...mine are the cutest everybody has cute kids.

So it's back to regular old blogging.

I had a bunch of ideas. They are gone. Lost in the myriad points on my to-do list. Because of said list, I am trying to be more organized so that I can get it all done. This week, I went grocery shopping with a purpose thanks to Saving Dinner.

I made it to Thursday going exactly by the plan. Of course, I got the usual criticisms. "Ugh, I hate ___" or "Why do you always have to cook new stuff? I hate new recipes." My favorite? "I'm not eating that... I'll have Ramen."
Then, the insult extraordinaire to my perfect meal planning -- STUPID Domino's pizza night. Ugh.

I really don't like Domino's. And this once a month pizza night is extortion in my opinion. Yes, I know it is an easy fundraiser for schools. I am the queen of fundraising and pta's. But I want to scream every time I see that silly sticker on the front of a shirt after school. "Mom, but I HAVE to.. they said so on Explorervision, it's for the school!"

Guess what?

I caved. My perfect, nutritious meal #5 did not make it to the table.

They ate Domino's, I ate cheese and crackers.

Roll with the punches should be my new motto.


Sara said...

I don't have the book, but I did subscribe once for 3 months of menus. We get through a few weeks and, while we like most of the dishes, everyone gets really tired of something new every night! lol! And maybe the book is different, but stuff like turkey cutlets for 8 gets expensive!!!!

Give me Domino's once a month!

Lori said...

oh, i so feel your pain.

i tell my husband all the time that if we ever win the lottery, which we would need to play first, i am hiring a personal chef.

and i like to cook, but hate the disention!

Robert said...

Politics wasn't boring today....

Sarah Palin, baaaayyybeee!!

Proof positive that two way conversations with God have not been delusional. Now if He would only take my Ben requests to heart :-)

BTW...did you know that Apple doesn't make calculators?

Rhett said...

If it's going to be take-out pizza night...get "Doubles," much yummier and cheaper. Except for the cheesy bread.

georgie said...

Boy can i so relate about the pizza fundraiser night's and soooo much more-your blog is FUN and that post was hysterical I found ya on allmed glad I did

Rachel said...

PIZZA! Oh, I miss pizza. My fam didn't go for Saving Dinner either. Thankfully, I only got the paperback. Darn whining kids!

Rachel said...

Oh, BTW, college and politics are not boring. I would love to hear more about what Claire is up to. Andy, Robert and I were talking about her today. She told Andy she is really getting into Muse (now I know the perfect B-Day present!)
Hint: It is NOT a Muse CD...but related. ????

Robert said...


I just realized that you didn't list my blog as one that rocks.

You suck!