please pray for the Gulf Coast

Three years almost to the day we are once again watching the weather channel and praying. It's hard to believe that the people of the Gulf Coast, New Orleans and St. Charles have to face this again so soon. I can't imagine what it must be like to have to pack up stuff and pray you will have somewhere to return to.

On a happy note, my house is full of cousins which makes up for the lack of one young woman upstairs. We'll make this evacuation into a fun mini-vacation.


Lori said...

it is hard to imagine this is possibly happening again! thinking of everyone in the area.
and have a great mini vacation with the fam! (i remember evacuating to relatives homes during the blizzard as a kid...what good memories of being surrounded by family during a scary time!)

georgie said...

I am keeping you and everyone in the area in my thoughts and prayers...we are in Oklahoma and just now feeling the effects of Gustav....which I know is NOTHING like living through the real deal but I wanted you to know if you gotta evacuate feel free to come here~!