OK, how much can I take??

OK, for those of you who are lacking geography skills, here is the latest track for Hannah....guess where she is heading as of 11:30 tonight? Charleston, SC.

OK, so we have family here, the cousins are getting some great fun time getting to visit with "extended cousins" (i.e. your cousin's cousin). Many people came up from NOLA with the contents of their freezer in a cooler, and the families are eating well. This is stressful, but not too bad. Just keep that last bit of storm surge out of Lake Ponchartrain and baby, it's all good.

But my baby is in the path of a hurricane now, and she is 5 hours away from me. I know she is responsible (ahem...she is MINE) and she is quick thinking. She would NEVER have a hurricane party (and by that I mean those fruity red drinks) and laugh at the fraternity boys floating keg boats down fraternity row. She would never look at that college bathtub and decide she would rather die of thirst than drink anything coming from that cess pool. She will not know that you don't walk down the middle of a flooded street--in case the sewer cover has floated up and might suck you in. [OK that might be an urban myth but it kept us out of some NASTY flood water.]

How did my parents not completely freak out when we decided to stay and play when the university was canceled for hurricanes? Am I just a freak (DON'T answer that Robert)? Did my text message to Claire today to make sure her roomies all have full tanks of gas qualify me as a helicopter parent? What about my text about making sure she packs some food for the trip should she leave? [Well, someone I know actually evacuated a hurricane and suffered a 12 hour trip with a 4 foot stuffed animal and no snacks...so food is important.]

I KNOW Claire will be fine. I am sure could be a fun adventure, a bonding experience with her new friends. But I am not going to stop checking in-- it's how she knows I love her!


Sara said...

You poor thing! But Clare will be fine---I'm sure she'll be taking care of her less responsible friends!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

Aww you little helicopter you. You know deep down C loves the fact you are keeping tabs on her. It is indeed a great bonding experience.

Rachel said...

How did your relatives' homes fair through Gustav? I hope there was no damage. As far as Claire goes, I think it is funny that you are worried about being a helicopter parent when there is a hurricane headed her way. I am freakier than you. I would beg Andrew to come home.