Movie Line Meme

Another fun post-- I have been so NOT creative these days... Here is a challenge by Shelly at Keeper of the Keys. I just can't resist a quoting contest!

OK, check out my answers Shelly-- won't post them in your comments less someone find themselves in the near occasion of sin and feel they must CHEAT:
1. Planes Trains and Automobiles 2. Mystic Pizza (?) 3. Mr. Mom 4. Great Outdoors? 5. Happy Gilmore 6. Over the Hedge 7. 16 Candles 8. ??? 9. Breakfast Club 10. The Jerk (also one of our FAVORITE quotes!)

Here we go...these are probably too easy, but I am tired:

1. "...it's grouper. I try to make you happy and you mock me!"
2. "La luna, la bella luna"
3. "...well a snake don't really have parts. I guess you could call it, the knee."
4. "Wisconsin? I got my ass kicked in Wisconsin once."
5. "You soaked his pants in meat? ... You have a gift, a dark gift"
6. "...you're doing it wrong. North to pick up, south to drop off."
7. "where did it go? Right in the old lumberyard."
8. "Head, pants, now!"
9. "Piper down! Piper down!"
10. "Don't eat the green ones, they're not ripe yet."

So ladies, take the challenge! See if you know all my movie quotes and come up with 10 of your own and tag a few more people. I tag:
T and

You can leave the answers in my comments or put them on your post. Don't forget to let me know how you did! My quotes are much easier than Shelly's!


Shelly said...

See, it must be all relative. I really don't know but 2 of yours!!... Nope, make that 1. I only know 1.
#6 is Mr. Mom
I think the wisconsin one is Happy Gilmore, but can't be sure ;)

You got half of mine right. I was thoroughly impressed that you got Mr. Mom for #3, but disappointed in #4 [16 Candles]!

Shelly said...

i meant to give you the answers:
#2 - Multiplicity [I know, you probably never saw it, let alone heard of it!]
#4 - Sixteen Candles ["Dong...Dong...Where is my au-to-mo-bile?"]
#6 - Funny Farm [Chevy Chase]
#8 - Planes, Trains
#9 - Happy Gilmore [exchange btwn Shooter and Happy in front of Grandma's house]

Lori said...

they might be easy, but here is the problem...i don't ever remember movie lines. it's like i see a movie/read a book...once it is over, it is like erased from my memory! this trait annoys my hubs thoroughly...when we rent movies, i insist i have not seen one, then in the first two minutes of the movie, my mind is flooded with every tidbit of the movie. it is odd really.

but he is pretty good at remembering good lines from movies...

but...we only got a few!
#2. Moonstruck?
#6. Mr. Mom
#10. Fried Green Tomatoes?

these are guesses...

Shelly said...

Lori, that's why all mine are from *really old movies*! I can't keep anything in my mind in recent memory! HG is the most recent of my flicks that i listed!

Sara said...

I can't do it. It's why I stink at History. I can't remember stuff I'm expected to remember. Minutiae that's not important, yes. Oh, wait! This IS minutiae! But I still suck at it.

Sara said...

But I'll give a few guesses anyway.

2. Moonstruck. One of my all time faves.
3. Sounds familiar, but IDK.
4. City Slickers?
5. Cheaper by the Dozen

That's all I've got.

T said...

I only knew Moonstruck (2) and Cheaper by the Dozen (5)!

Am working on it now...

Regina said...

8-so i married an ax murderer...though head is said heed...sputnik