Darius Goes West: The Vehicle

Are you feeling disgruntled about life? Are you the parent of a teen or have get to hang out with teenagers at all? You NEED to watch this movie. What an amazing story. A story of friendship, of young men who are making a difference. A story of hope, love and a little goofiness. You will not be sorry.

I work in a high school. In our high school there are 4 young men who suffer from the same disease as Darius. One is our class. Today we watched it as a class in lieu of our community trip. Talk about hitting home... In December the Darius Goes West crew is coming to our school. We just have to convince the English Department chair to "strongly encourage" the english teachers to show this movie before the rally. They all really need to see this. THEY can make a difference in someone's life and by doing so, they may learn that that person has changed them.

Let's hope it all works out. Let's hope that there is room among the QCC's, standards, goals and NCLB rules to live outside the box, students and teachers alike.


Colleen said...

Good Lord. I am buying my DVD right now. Thank you for sharing. Nothing like starting the day with tears in my eyes.
Love you

sam said...

Hi Kathleen!
My name is Sam, and I'm on the DGW crew (I'm the guy who gets the tattoo in the film when we get out to Cali)
...We just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful write-up! A few of us on the "crew" are education majors, so we especially like (and understand) the last little paragraph.

Lookin forward to meeting yall in December!
c-ya soon, SAMJ