Facebook has its time and place

I feel like I have been absent from Blogging for a long time. Heck my readership is like 4 a day now, don't even know why those 4 people even tune in. But today, that may be a good thing because I am going to use this time to vent.

I have mentioned before that my friends and I have joined the Facebook generation. And it has been pretty cool. Good things happened through Facebook.

I was able to re-connect as an adult with my cousins and really get to know them as the wonderful man and women that they are. This proved to be invaluable when the tragedy of my cousin Desha's death hit us. We were already connected and able to console each other, something that might have been difficult to do 6 months prior. I have learned through Facebook that they are some tough cookies, that they have friends that love them like sisters and that they really love their family. Sure, everyone thought that "25 things" was a total waste!

I have re-connected with college friends. I am proud to see that we have all turned into respectable, productive adults. I have agreed with my best high school buddy that the friends we made in college really and truly are friends for life. I know it sounds weird, but true.

All this is great and good, but there is a downside to this electronic wonder. Social networking has its time and place.

Here's my issue, my sister CALLED me yesterday and told me that my mother's best friend had lost her long, hard battle with cancer on Sunday afternoon. How did my sister find out? Cate's daughter told my mother on a WALL POST a day later.

30+ years of friendship -- a wall post? WTF?

I know it is hard. Making or receiving that heart-stopping phone call.

After 30 years of friendship...30 years that included potty training, carpooling, volunteering, and crafting. To parenting wild teenagers, sick children, even grandchildren. 30 years of mother-in-law stories, road-trips, vacations, prayers, and operations, to be reduced to a Facebook post. Social networking my ass.

I hope my kids hear me now, give my friends the consideration they deserve and call them please.

And for dear Cate, who for some reason I could still only call "Mrs. C" to her face even at 43:
Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord.
And let perpetual light shine upon her.
May her soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace.

Give Jesus a big high five for me, make him some chicken wings and a have cold one on me.


Tony Bullard said...

I agree. While social networking can have the wonderful effect of bringing distant friends closer, and into your daily life, I think it can also have the side effect of taking real life personal friends and making them into distant friends you contact through short tidbits of wallposts and personal messages.

And if you have no social life, it just makes it that much more obvious to you...sigh.

Sara said...

How sad. I'm with you---people need to pick up the phone. And sometimes send a real card, not an email.

Shelly said...

i totally agree! that is really awful. i also see the good and bad of fb.

love your cake post too ;)