let there be cake

I have reached the next tier of my life.

The invitation tier...

You remember how it goes?

Think about that FIRST birthday party invite. For me it was a clown, announcing my best friend Maria's big day. She was cool, she had lots of big brothers and sisters, they all spoke in Spanish AND English and her house was loud. I was so excited....

Years of innocent birthday celebrations followed... 10...12...13...SLUMBER parties... Sweet 16 parties... Ah, youth. Usually, a lot of fun and a big cake.

The next tier? The drinking days... for us it began at 18 in NOLA. Birthday celebrations... sorority mixers...fraternity blow outs...All invitations were carefully crafted, xeroxed on neon paper and handed out in multitudes. Usually, a lot of fun and no cake.

Wedding showers and wedding invitations followed quickly there after. Remember the dread of seeing that big envelope? Another tafetta dress? Another wedding gift? At least it was guaranteed fun, and a promise of a BIG cake.

The baby tier followed. Especially in my Catholic circle of "girlies". Baby shower after baby shower. Parlor game after parlor game. Usually, it was fun and depending on the weight gain of the mother-to-be, there was cake.

Along side the baby shower invites was the stress of planning and sending my own children's invitations. If there is any doubt, see 100 things about me to know the real truth. Four parties a year to worry about, not to mention getting them to all the parties they were invited to. Usually, ours were fun, theirs were stressful, but they always had cupcakes.

Lately, things have slowed down. My youngest is 10 --still a few. My oldest is 18 and if they exist, I think it's better I not know.

I was ready to sit back and enjoy a "mid-life", all be it, aYOUNG mid-life" respite from the almighty invitation. And I was OK with that.

I don't really need cake that much any way.

Yesterday, I noticed that tell-tale big envelope in our mailbox ... a wedding invitation?

To the wedding of my friends' children.

I don't think I am ready for this...

Well, at least there will be cake.

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sheilah said...

You're so good, Kath! WRITE THE DAMN BOOK!!!!