The urge to craft is rising its head again. I will most likely spend my creative urge searching the internet for the perfect craft. By the time I decide I have found the one -- the perfect one-- I will have lost the energy to do so. Such is the "perfectionism" of my brain. Perfectionism is paralyzing. You want to do it perfectly, and that need to do things perfectly keeps you from ever starting anything. Believe me, I know this well. You might look at my home and my desk and say-- this chick IS NOT A PERFECTIONIST! But no, I am, I am just researching the perfect way to clean a desk.

That being said, I just found this great idea AND tutorial from Wisdom of the Moon for personalized book plate stamps. How cute is that? Might be a useful graduation gift...and I get to play with sharp objects!

My bud Sara has been a great inspiration for all things creative lately. Check out her socks -- so cute, but too intimidating for me. Last week while we were setting up for the church yard sale she mentioned the new trend of "re-purposing". Mamma's Blessings has some cute ideas for crafting new items out of old.

My mom, sisters and I have been doing this for years. My mom's latest treasures? Button rings-- absolutely adorable. Want one? She only made 300...

Let me share my past "failed" attempts at re-purposing...

toddler dresses from t-shirts and fabric scraps;
oil candles made from old bottles-- then painted;
felting old wool sweaters into something (never got beyond the felting);
quilts out of old clothing (cut the fabric and then tossed it)

Looks like my time might be better served doing something else...

Cleaning perhaps?



Wendy said...

Thanks so much for linking to my tutorial!

And ya, I've realized, for me at least, that perfectionism is really a form of procrastination. And I'm working on that. You might have noticed that the corner of the stamp I carved for my brother got broken off. And I posted a picture of it anyway! Big day for me, I tell ya.


Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

I have thought about those toddler dresses LOL