back again

I have been gone for a while. No real excuse, just not feeling the creative juices flowing. This can be witnessed by my last few blog posts that were complete cop-outs according to my newest blogging compatriot and all around brilliant young woman who happens to share some of my chromosomes.

In an attempt to get my feet wet again I am participating in Friday's Seven Quick Takes....


I am back! For better or worse. THIS time I mean it!


Last week we celebrated Rhett's birthday and our 21st wedding anniversary by going to the drive-in double feature movies. It was fun, despite the small interruption from a mini-monsoon. Did I mention that I STILL have not remembered to get my windshield wipers fixed? UGH. Poor Rhett and Sean had those tall lanky bodies folded up in the back seat looking out the rear window of the mothership. I got to watch the last half of Night at the Museum through the rear view mirror. But you know what, tease me they will...but why am I up blogging at 1:30 am? Waiting for Claire and the girls to get home from THEIR adventure at the drive-in. I think I started a trend.


Today we had the privilege of hanging out with yet another cousin. It was a blast. He and his parents were in town for a wedding (on the other branch of their family tree) and he decided to hang with us rather than go to a boring rehearsal dinner. Wise move -- especially when he was met at the door with "Hi, do you like Legos and X-Box"? That's all it took and they were off. In a sidebar... can someone PLEASE explain to me cousin genealogy? First, second, once removed etc. etc. Enough to make your head spin!


Our movie watching has been curtailed by Rhett's studying for his LEED certification exam. Poor guy, thought he was done with school. Not sure how this is helpful, I think it just adds some more initials after your name, and hopefully makes you more appealing to the clients. In the meantime, Claire and I are loosing ourselves in fake history -- and have been wishing ourselves back in time to Frontier House...


Speaking of which, his contractually obligated "no contact" is officially over. Hard to believe that it has been a year since the end of his days at the firm which shall not be named. So now the push is on to get some clients in...not that he doesn't need any additional stress. I keep reminding myself that every time we have had change it has worked toward the better-- NOT that I am asking for change again so soon...but in every case God has blessed us -- in ways it may have taken a while to realize, but there has always been a blessing.


Much of this weekend will be spent trying to sell tickets to Isaiah it is the last ditch effort to get tickets sold. All proceeds benefit the Missionaries of the Poor and their new home for unwed mothers in Kingston. Remember when I said change works to the good? This is a classic example. A week with the priests and brothers of MOP changed our family, especially my husband. It's a good cause.

Keep praying for my sister-in-law who is still fighting stage iv non-smokers cancer, and for Rhett's cousin Liz who is fighting brain cancer. I wonder if there is any correlation between environment, stress and cancer. After Katrina, I didn't think they would have to battle anymore. Ugh. But God is good and Biffy has been accepted to the drug trial in Nashville, and Liz will be getting treatment at MD Anderson. Miracles happen.

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Sara said...

Do you really want to know?

You and your cousins are First Cousins.

Your kids and their kids are Second Cousins.

Your grandkids and their grandkids are Third Cousins. etc.

The removal part is in relation to YOU:

Your cousins kids are your First Cousins Once Removed.

Your cousins grandkids are First Cousins Twice Removed.

Your cousins great-grandkids are First Cousins Thrice Removed. (Not that you'd be alive to call them that!) etc.

TMI, I know.