Buffy vs. Edward Just watch it

Buffy vs. Edward. What happened to our kick ass role models for girls???

You know, I read all the Twilight books, and to be honest, I liked them. There were some good messages in them, abstinence was one. Romance. Chivalry. Friendship.

When Claire was little I used to worry about her watching all those Disney movies. The message the "princess world" was sending her was the wrong one. My sisters and I would say to her,

"Never give up your mermaidness for a man!"

And then Bella comes along, perpetuating the myth.

Just something to think about.


Claire said...

yeah, I was about to say the fandoms have a completely different set of gender roles. Bella is probably the most antifeminist heroine since, well, ever.

Tony Bullard said...

Tinkerbell....now THAT was a strong woman. Tiny, but none the less...