Quick Take Friday

Up bright and early this morning even after a bedtime of 2:30 am!!  We got some last minute visitors last night. My brother-in-law and his son are here from NOLA to see his nephew's graduation.  (Got that?)  Let's just say that yesterday was spent in a fury of cleaning.
I learned from my lovely daughter that her friends refer to our house as "the burrow".  Now, after wordless Wednesday I was the first to admit that we are casual...I AM going to take it in a positive light.  Because Mrs. Weasly kicks butt and always makes the kids feel at home.
The lazy days of summer are here.  I find it funny that my dear friend Sara's chaos is just kicking off, and my more relaxed time is coming.   Doesn't make me want to homeschool AT ALL.  ;-)
Actually, chaos starts tomorrow.  My two oldest are soon to be co-workers.   Read excitement here.  Hopefully it will force some communal bonding.  I know they are really excited to be working for the City at the newest attraction-- the splash park.  Poor babies will be reinforcing the "pay to play" rule in an attraction that was free last summer.  I am not sure how fun that will be.  Personally, I was weirded out by the requirements for said job-- you know to say "no running" and to sell candy bars in the concession stand. 
  • drug test -- no problem with them peeing in a cup
  • physical exam -- that's right, paper gown and everything - scoliosis screen and "turn your head and cough".
  • agreement to tell NO ONE what they are making -  written in the contract...not co-workers, prospective employees or PARENTS.  If divulged-- immediate termination.
  • the only way to get paid is by direct deposit. Therefore had to front son some money to open an account so that he could earn money...because until he gets a job, he has NO money....
What do you think-- am I falling into Conspiracy Theory madness?
Looks like 2010 will pass without a family visit to the Renaissance Fair :(.  I know we are dorks like that.  The older two are working this weekend and either starting or ending at 2.  Makes that one hour trip to Fairburn look not so promising.  Looks like Claire will have to wear her elf ears somewhere else...
My husband rearranged our furniture AGAIN!  This time he put our old dining room table (read my grandmother's apartment sized hand-me-down) in the family room.  He wanted a game table.  I resisted, thought it looked too cluttered.  But, guess what?  He was right.  It has been used everyday---- scrabble,. Yatzee, cards.  Good idea honey.
This quick takes has become "not so quick"... but at least I am blogging again.
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Sara said...

Happy to give you a laugh. It's not the homeschooling that causes the chaos, btw. It's swim team and football workouts. Those are universal.