Star Wars

I have grown a little complacent in my parenting.  I have grown used to the pre-teens and teens in my house.  It's summer, I get up early and have some time- maybe a few hours to myself.  I kinda like it.  Even if I have to get up early.  This morning, I was beat out by my nephew.

"Aunt Kathleen, you said last night when we couldn't watch a movie that we could watch one in the morning.  Do you have Empire Strikes Back?"

So, here I sit at 8 am watching Empire.  And learning a thing or two.

Did you know that Lego makes 4 Millennium Falcons?  I did not.  Did you know that there are FIVE AT-AT walkers?  And that you do not pronounce it as it is spelled but as an an acronym?  AT stands for attack transport!  If Darth Vader was a girl he would have a pink light saber.  So much to learn.

I do know that Princess Leia calls Han a stuck up scruffy looking nerf herder.  I am all about the relationships.

Kinda reminds me of my own little geek-ess when she was 14.  Just after Lucas released the new digitally re-mastered Star Wars Series on DVD,  I caught her simultaneously watching the VHS and the DVD of the first three movies to see EXACTLY what had been changed.  The general consensus in this household?  Don't mess with perfection.  All my kids are now quick to point out the new digitally added creatures or explosions.  But our real wish?  Can we edit out JarJar?

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Claire said...

I ma proud of my attention to detail, thankyouverymuch