Quick Take Friday

Is it really Friday?  Wow.  Summer is in full force if I can't remember the days of the week anymore.  I guess that is a good thing. This week has been full of  the car search  STILL.  I swear, no one can blame anyone in this household with being an uniformed buyer.  I feel like I am in information overload.  The search continues.
Yesterday I was supposed to go up to the lake and celebrate a good friend's 50th birthday.   She deserves to be celebrated.  Besides being a great mom and educational advocate she is my favorite librarian... No, not this one.

But instead my crazy life got in the way.  Couldn't leave by 1:00 with everyone else.  Too busy taxiing the working kids -- back to "need a car!"  Around 5:00 I got hit in the head with a 2x4 that kicked my ass.  Sorry Sara. Tell your net-nanny that that is the only way to describe a headache like that.  Twelve hours of sleep and 1600 mg of Advil later and I am a little happier this morning.  But, I missed out on all the fun.  I wonder if Nan did  dance on the dock last night?
I have really enjoying my daughter's blog -- despite her recent efforts to oust the family skeletons due to her resignation that she will never be able to run for public office with a family like hers.  I had a great comment, so witty and insightful.  But it was eaten by Blogger.  Such is my life.
This morning is gloriously dark and rainy.  I am sitting on the sofa doing nothing but blog-rolling and watching Netflix instants like Veronica Mars. Watching old reunions has become a family tradition-- this has been the Buffy summer.  I guess I look at it as a way to remind my kids that girls can kick ass too.
My friend Robert has a love affair with all things Apple.  He is constantly reminding me how user friendly it is.  Well even though I really like my i Phone, I am ready to throw it out the window!  Trying to sync with my Google contacts has resulted in 47 EACH!  Help!  I mean, really, help... anyone....
This weekend we have my niece and nephew with us.  I am excited.  Really.  Growing up we were never really around our cousins.  We moved too much.  I really want my kids to know their extended families.  From both sides.  Come July we are headed to Gulf Shores with DeBuys cousins.  I think.  Not looking forward to this:  Thanks BP.
Well, the day has brightened up -- reminding me that I actually have housework to do today.  But at the moment I am enjoying listening to my oldest chastise her 13 year old brother about who he is friends with on x-Box live.  She'll make a good mother.

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Sara said...

Asses obviously get past our current filter. You're good to go.

I hope you're feeling better!