Seven Quick Takes Friday

It's Friday!

Family vacations CAN be fun. Even when you cram lots of people in one house. It helps to have the distraction of a pool, a beach, lots of games and lots of cousins. For the grown-ups I suggest a few cocktails, can't hurt right? Cheap wine makes great sangria, and Bud Light with lime is a pretty good beach drink. And sisters really are the best when it comes to laying it on the line and whining.... who me??

Thanks to the Pioneer Woman for her awesome recipe for Jalapeno poppers. They truly are amazing. I have to say, I also love her wisdom. Let's just say I learned this lesson the hard way. We enjoyed them immensely. Until my sister scrolled through my pictures and said, "Who would take a picture of the poppers?" (She doesn't blog...)

Today's big debates? Where to take the family picture-- this is always a discussion for this family. Too many photographers in the bunch. Everyone has the perfect idea. Funny, despite all the fussing that comes before we still manage to take a pretty good picture. The second debate? Shrimp or pizza for dinner... we don't even entertain taking this huge brood to a restaurant to eat!

Today's beach find? "Ouchless" jelly fish! They can be used to decorate sand castles, chuck at your brother or introduce yourself to pretty girls on the beach --this only works if you are 4 1/2 and are cuter than a button like my nephew Aidan.

BTW, it works.

My son Ryan re-discovered reading Harry Potter this week. I have to say I am happy about that-- so much so that I let him stay in and read instead of guilting him into going to the beach "because we drove all this way and spent all this money". A lifelong love of reading is much more valuable than getting pelted in the back with an "ouchless" jellyfish by your brother.

This week made me realize how I miss my college friends. None of them read here, so it is not a shameless plug for some lovin'. I just realized that Rhett and I have spent most of the week telling stories of various beach escapades we survived with the Loy-yo-yo crew. I need a fix. Nothing can compare to day-long tournaments of UNO on a rainy beach day, or trying to explain to your kids why "Uncle" Frank is swinging his bathing suit around in the surf (let me just say that he was thankfully and mostly UNDER water at the time).

Finally, surf lessons + 6'4" frame+ ouchless bandaids = weird tan lines
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