Ok, this is my second year and my second attempt at making it through November's blog challenge to BLOG EVERYDAY. Can I do it? I am going to try.

Today's post -- Monday Monday Monday

Last night, I faced my inner fear and forced myself to restart Quicken and try to get a true handle on our budgeting. I have been very lazy these past few months. And to be honest, everytime I think about money I want to barf. This has to stop. I have to force myself to be informed, pro-active and to take charge! So November 1st marks the start of the new fiscal me, ahem, actually the start of the new fiscal family. Get ready boys....

This morning was wonderful. The first day of the end of Daylight savings and it was so nice to be able to see Daniel get on the bus. I think the sunshine this morning also helped me start the day with a little brighter attitude too.

This morning the local CBS station came to our school to film for its "Cool Schools" program. This will air on Friday morning and the kids in CBI were so excited. To be fair the whole school is highlighted, but our in-school coffee shop is one of the highlights- that and the peer-facilitation program that pairs gen. ed. kids with special needs kids as mentors. Pretty cool. Stay tuned for a link!

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